By Bob Behre

Basil Bandwagon has been a tremendous local source for a more empowering and well-rounded approach to a person’s health.

“Empowering our customers to take care of their own health and well-being, I believe, is the greatest value we deliver day-to-day,” says Basil Bandwagon owner Susan Haase.

Basil Bandwagon offers premium supplements, natural beauty products and an organic grocery. The grocery offers fresh, delicious, house-made and nutrient dense foods with as much local, organic ingredients possible in the company’s Farm-to-Market Cafes.

The company is not sitting on its laurels, rather is working on creating more healthy options for its clientele. 

“We have been actively working on cultivating our certified organic herb farm,” says Haase’s co-owner Ralph Celebre. “This year we have planted more than 40 different medicinal plants. Our goal is to use the farm in the future for teaching about these botanicals and their amazing holistic uses.”

Every good business has excellent products that serve their customers’ needs at a fair price. But, we also find highly successful businesses also share a joy in working with and being sure each customer walks away extremely satisfied with that product.

“Interacting with customers and curating the best natural, cutting edge and integrity-based products is certainly the most satisfying part of our day-to-day operation,” said Celebre. “We take great pride in and are so grateful for our staff. They are a group of passionate people interested in nourishing a better and healthier community. Our Basil crew, as well as our customers, feel like family to us.”

Basil Bandwagon has steadily improved upon its best practices as a business with, “a focus on reducing our carbon footprint,” says Haase. “We are constantly evolving and looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly. This includes cutting waste by composting our food scraps, collecting used packaging for repurposing through the TerraCycle program and using green alternatives for plastic.”

Basil Bandwagon has locations in Flemington (908-788-5737) and Clinton (908-735-3822) that are popular stops in both communities. For a quick peek at Basil Bandwagon’s delicious Café Menu, go to the company website at