By Bob Behre

Diamond Nation is blessed to be surrounded by a variety of high quality dining establishments and Riley & Jake’s in Clinton, barely 10 minutes from the top baseball and softball facility in the Northeast, is one truly right in our patrons’ wheelhouse. 

Few restaurant/bars are as conveniently located to Diamond Nation as Riley & Jake’s and offer such a relaxing atmosphere for a lunch or dinner stop between games. If you love perfectly prepared burgers, wings, fish and chips with a dash of live music on the patio, Riley & Jakes is your spot to chill.  

Whether you opt for the charming restaurant and bar inside or choose instead the festive atmosphere on the patio, you’ve experienced the quintessential mom and pop neighborhood restaurant/bar.

“Riley & Jake’s has been open for seven years, but we’ve been in the industry for 20 years,” says owner John Sweitzer. “We hang our hat on our great and friendly staff, fair prices, fresh quality food and a charming atmosphere.”

Anyone who has experienced Riley & Jake’s can confirm each of those. “It’s a matter of value given for value received,” said Sweitzer.

Who doesn’t love a restaurant/bar that feels like home and has a lively atmosphere in which everyone is having a good time.

“Few things are more enjoyable in my business than talking with Riley & Jake’s regulars and meeting and getting to know new clients,” said Sweitzer.

Riley & Jake’s was named one of the top 13 outdoor patios in all of New Jersey this year by Additionally, Riley & Jake’s relationship with Diamond Nation has drawn a new clientele to the restaurant, a clientele that seems to have fallen in love with the food-and-beverage stop.

“We’ve found a new source of business thanks to Diamond Nation,” says Sweitzer, “be it semi-locals in the Flemington and surrounding areas who may not be familiar with us, or out-of-town teams looking for a great place to go and eat as a large group. They know they will be taken care of at Riley & Jake’s.” 

Riley & Jakes offers a great variety for the entire family, including an extensive appetizer menu and salad options, its Burgers and Sandwich Shop selections, an ideal Kid’s Menu and quite enticing options on a very deep and tasty dessert menu.

Riley & Jakes is located at 1831 Rt. 31, Clinton, N.J. Call ahead at 908-638-6983.