Please try to wash your hands or sanitize often.  We will make sure soap is available in our bathrooms and hand sanitizer is placed strategically throughout the facility. It is important to wash hands for 20 seconds and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.


Always try to remain six feet from non-family members. 


We are mandating face masks while using the bathrooms and upon entry and exit of the facility.  Once inside the park, we are recommending face masks especially when social distancing cannot be accomplished.


We will be sanitizing all sections of the facility prior to the start of each day and consistently throughout the day.  This includes using disinfecting fogging machines indoor, spraying dugouts, and even sanitizing our baseballs!  We ask that you do your part as well by cleaning your area and throwing out your trash.


Temperature checks of all staff will be taken prior to the start of each day and any staff member with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be removed from their shift.  We ask that all players, parents, and fans do their own daily assessments prior to coming to the park.


Throughout the season as medical and governmental guidance changes, our Covid-19 policies & procedures will continue to evolve.  All updates will be communicated to participants in a timely fashion.


ON-FIELD (umpires, players, coaches, equipment)

  • Balls will be disinfected prior to each game and as necessary during the game.
  • No post-game handshakes. Tip of the hat or good sportsmanship gesture encouraged.
  • No sharing of equipment, uniforms, water bottles, towels, etc…
  • No post-game team meetings.
  • Trophy ceremony will take place on field.  Teams will lineup on their respective lines while director speaks from pitcher’s mound. 
  • Coaches will be asked to step forward and take the box of awards and hand out to their team at another time. 


  • All teams other than Diamond Nation owned travel teams (Diamond Jacks & Finch’s Aces) are not permitted to take batting practice inside the building.  Those teams must hit in the outdoor batting cages.
  • All players waiting outside of cages should be wearing a mask
  • We ask that teams avoid crowding around the batting cage area if they are not using the cages.
  • Teams should keep to a 20 minute session so that all teams can get equal usage


  • Outside ticket booth with multiple windows.
  • Front outdoor gate will be used for entry / exit.
  • Six-foot ground markers to keep social distancing.
  • Masks must be worn by customers and staff at admission.
  • One small personal cooler will be allowed.
  • Customers will receive Diamond Nation Covid-safe policies & procedures handout.


  • Coaches check-in at front gate entrance.
  • Must wear mask when checking in.
  • Encouraged to wear mask on field.
  • Sign team waiver form upon check in.


  • Masks must be worn by customers and staff.
  • Sneeze guards installed at checkout counter.
  • Cashless payments encouraged.


  • Two windows available to reduce lines.
  • Employees must wear masks.
  • Condiments and utensils will be pre-packaged.
  • One small personal cooler allowed per patron.


  • Cleaned prior to opening and throughout the day.
  • Masks must be worn while inside the bathrooms.
  • We ask that you use good judgment regarding the amount of people in the bathroom at one time.  Please wait outside if all urinals/toilets are occupied.


  • Masks encouraged.
  • Other than family members, social distancing of six feet apart is mandated.
  • All bleachers and stadium seating will be removed to allow for more space to socially distance.  Fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs.
  • Hand sanitizer stations strategically located throughout the concourse.


  • Masks encouraged.
  • No loitering, picnics, tailgating, etc…
  • No team meetings.
  • Monitored throughout the day by Diamond Nation staff & local police dept.


  • Any injury that requires attention within six feet will be handled with personnel wearing a mask and gloves or by the local EMT.
  • All Diamond Nation tournament directors are first aid and CPR certified.
  • AED machines are on-site at the front desk and tournament information booth.


In the event of a parent, coach, player, or staff member testing positive for Covid-19, that person will be automatically removed from the facility and required to test negative or quarantine for 14 days before returning.  Any persons directly exposed to the positive person will also be removed from the facility and not able to return until they confirm a negative test result or quarantine for 14 days. 

CDC definition of “directly exposed”- 15 minutes of close exposure (under six feet) with a positive person within 14 days of the reported test result.

Example: Parent of a player on a team tests positive:

  • The positive parent is not allowed into Diamond Nation until showing a negative test result.
  • The player directly related to that parent is also not allowed into Diamond Nation until showing a negative test result.
  • Any other parent that, by definition, was directly exposed to the positive parent is not allowed into the facility until showing a negative test result.
  • The other players on the team can continue to play (because they were not directly exposed to the positive parent).
  • If the player directly related to the parent also tests positive, then all players on that team must be removed from Diamond Nation because they are now considered “directly exposed” to that positive player.  They cannot return until showing a negative test result.

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