Experience The Difference at ‘The Nation’

By Bob Behre | November 4, 2021

Baseball and softball have come roaring back off of the pandemic in a very big way at Diamond Nation, so much so that the facility has filled 60% of its 2022 tournament inventory in the first nine days of registration.

So, this is not the year to dawdle on your tournament commitments as over 1,750 teams have already locked in their 2022 schedules at Diamond Nation, the most desired tournament venue in the Northeast. Diamond Nation typically serves about 3,000 teams each year.

“I think our quick start in early registrations speaks to our ability to create outstanding relationships and be attentive to our customer’s needs,” says Nick Massari, Diamond Nation’s Executive Vice President. “Those relationships go a long way and that is reflected in the enormous amount of repeat customers we serve. Certainly our General Manager, Mike Cust, who is responsible for coordinating with our tournament teams, is a big reason for that.”

Cust is particularly thrilled about the development of a self-service website, which is making the tournament registration process much more manageable.

“Our customers now have complete access to their accounts and can register for multiple tournaments all in one shot,” said Cust. “It has a ‘cart’ feature that has made the process much more user-friendly. Our customers love it. I have to say, the 2022 registrations have been, by far, the fastest I’ve ever seen fill up in all age groups. This development has simplified the process thus creating a much better user experience.”

Diamond Nation has also undertaken a fairly extensive facility upgrade the past 12 to 18 months, including construction of a new field – the very popular Field 7 – new batting cages, scoreboards, shade structures in seating areas, new bullpen features and some more subtle facility facelifting.

“Our extensive upgrades have made the overall experience better for teams, players, fans and even the college coaches who come to scout at the complex throughout the summer,” says Massari. “While some competitors are charging a fee to use pre-game batting cages because they simply don’t have enough, we are doing the opposite.  We went out and built an additional 5-batting cage structure at the far end of the facility.  This now gives us 10 fully lit and covered batting cages so all players can get their swings in before games.”

The addition of Field 7 has also enabled Cust to construct tournament schedules so that almost all of the games remain on campus and Diamond Nation customers can experience the convenience of having most, if not all, of their games on-site.

Diamond Nation’s Field 7 is already a year old but remains the true gem of the facility’s recent upgrading.

“We now have 95 percent of our tournament games on-site,” said Massari, “even the big events, like the Super 17 Invitational.” Of course, the value of a 100% turf facility came highly into play this rainy past year, as it naturally translates into much fewer games being rained out and the ability to easily reschedule games so tournaments are played to their completion.

“The men and women on our frontline, like tournament director Marty Clark and operations manager Jim Rueb, and our front desk staff have done an unbelievable job of making our customers feel welcomed and appreciated,” said Massari. “We pride ourselves in being a first class, professional operation and we’ve created the best atmosphere to play and watch a game.”

This fast start on bookings has created a huge sense of urgency so if you’re new to the travel arena or just looking to come back to ‘The Nation,’ now is the time to lock in your 2022 tournament and Experience The Difference!

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