Staying positive as Coronavirus throws a biting curveball

By Bob Behre | March 14, 2020

Friday was final-cut-day for many high school baseball and softball players around the state. Most practiced yesterday, then learned before they went home their season was put on hold by something called COVD-19.

Instead of scrimmaging or practicing today with their teammates, they were told to stay away from school for at least two weeks. Most would admit that having school off for two weeks or so is pretty cool, but they certainly wouldn’t take that trade over their sport.

College ballplayers are losing their seasons, too, and, perhaps, a chance to prove they are draft-worthy. Many players have worked hard on the way back from injury only to have their season cut short.

Let’s imagine you are a senior in high school and are still trying to persuade college recruiters you are good enough for their program. Or maybe your team was really good last year and is bringing back much of those talented players. You have a shot at a league, county or state title.

Maybe you were just about to make the varsity team for the first time. Things were finally coming together for you in your sport. It was about to be “your time.” Or maybe you’re just a freshman and are out of your mind excited to compete at the high school level.

Every one of you knows this sucks on an epic scale.

It’s hard to look at the seniors and say, “Everything is going to be okay. We’ll be back.” We don’t really know that, do we?

Everyone is affected differently by the various shutdowns designed to protect all of us from the spread of the coronavirus. Certainly it is more concerning for those directly hit by the virus or delivered an economy blow.

But it’s okay to mourn the loss of part of, or all, of your spring season. You’ve worked hard to get to this point only to have it stripped away. Yes, life throws us curveballs and very few of them are the hanging type. This is a big hook that, for now, you can only look at. We can only hope you will get your in-season swings and pitches in sooner rather than later.

We are a baseball and softball facility designed to train players for the next level. We thrive on the constant sounds of the crack of the bat and the pop of the glove. It’s music to our ears.

So while your schools are shuttered we encourage you to do what you can at home or at your local training facility in order to stay fresh for the moment you are given the nod to return to school and your baseball or softball season.

Private and group lessons are great, but if your town is in lockdown then play catch in the yard, take dry swings, do more tee drills, work on mechanics, pitch into a net … some ball is better than no ball.

You’re a competitor and a fighter in the “giant” game. Never stop trying to improve no matter what pitch life throws at you.

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