‘The Nation’s’ 2024 tournament schedule has landed

By Bob Behre | October 20, 2023

By Bob Behre

Diamond Nation has two more weekends remaining in what has been a prodigious 2023 tournament season, but we’ve been going strong behind the scenes setting the stage for 2024.

Without further ado, the 2024 Tournament Schedule has been officially released today, Friday, Oct. 20. We hope you’re prepared to secure all the desired spots on your 2024 schedule.

Earlier this week, teams were chomping at the bit to lock in their 2024 commitments at Diamond Nation, the premier travel baseball and softball facility in the Northeast. Diamond Nation typically serves about 3,000 teams each tournament year.

For perspective, Diamond Nation was the site in 2023 for 192 tournaments and 4,888 games-played. The bustly facility scanned more than 69,000 tickets for entry and 56,000 balls were used during this season of baseball and softball. The 2024 season promises as much, even not more.

“We anticipate another quick start in regard to registrations,” says Nick Massari, Diamond Nation’s Executive Vice President. “We attribute that to our many close and long-standing relationships with our customers. Those relationships have enabled us to generate a huge book of repeat customers. We believe that is a reflection of our concerted attention to detailed and timely customer service.”

Diamond Nation’s General Manager, Mike Cust, plys his trade at the very heart, the nerve center if you will, of the facility’s tournament registration and scheduling processes. Cust experienced and embraced the streamlining of the scheduling processes firsthand this past season, courtesy of the organization’s self-service website, which has created more of a turnkey operation for our customers in the registration process.

“With complete access to their accounts, our customers can register for multiple tournaments all in one shot,” said Cust. “That development has simplified the process, thus creating a much better user-friendly experience.”

In playing off that success, DN has moved forward and taken online registration to even great heights in 2024!

“Building off of last year, we have teamed up with LeagueApps to bring the best possible online registration process for our customers. This involved a complete overhaul of our system, which now  gives our customers the ability to have teams, rosters, schedule requests, and waivers all in one convenient profile,” Massari exclaimed.

The customization around our new software will help take some of the onus off of the coaches, too, when it comes to things like submitting player information and filling out waivers. Coaches are now able to pass that along to parents through a simple email. “Again, this is all manageable in one simple web-based platform,” said Massari.

Diamond Nation’s scheduling dexterity was enhanced with the completion of Field 7 in 2022. That has reaped major scheduling benefits the past two seasons for both Cust and our tournament directors Marty Clark and Jim Rueb.

“Indeed, Field 7 has enabled us to schedule 95 percent of our tournament games on-site,” said Massari, “even the bigger events, like the Super 17 Invitational each June.”

The trending fast start on bookings has created a huge sense of urgency so if you’re new to the travel arena or just looking to come back to ‘The Nation,’ now is the time to lock in your 2024 tournament.

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